Because Emergency Teleport is limited, most Crystal Beast decks run 2 Summoner Monk and 2-3 Rose, Warrior of Revenge to speed it up. Another powerful deck in the meta right now is Six Samurai… With most of the Worm monsters being released around 2009 to 2011, you can tell the Reptile type is pretty bad right now. 5. I dont have much time but ill tell u that u need Goyo Guardian, Stardust Dragon, and any lower leveled Syncros to make sure you're able to pull one off easily when you only have 6 or 7 stared monsters on the field. Wow, that did feel like blasphemy… Of course, it is a great card, and it wins games (a great finisher it is), however, it is not an every situation card. Having Lswarm, Chain Burn, and Bubble Beat up there is just not accurate at all. I am using Junk Synchron, Quick draw synchron together with dandylion, synchron explorer and quilbot hedgehock. decks. The most powerful monsters in a Blackwing Deck are usually the Synchro Monsters that you see Crow using on TV. NEW INFERNITY Deck! Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Also, the ability to special summon a level 4 or lower monster a turn at the cost of skipping battle phase is also a great effect, if underutilized. You never know when you need (and have) to go into a 4. 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus. 3. The field spell removal and life point gain is VERY useful against certain decks, namely Gravekeepers and Dark World. Mirror Force? Kill all non-dark immediately. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. A deck of powerful cards for the duelist looking for a start that will blow everything away. The effect of blowing up one card on both sides of the field can be very powerful; you can clear a stuck Call of the Haunted on your side, or blow up a chainable like MST, and still get rid of a pesky card on your opponent’s side. C $51.75. It’s an all situation, anytime, massive advantage card that is good against all decks, and will simply devastate your opponent. Red Dragon Archfiend is vulnerable. This Deck is a beginner-friendly Deck based around a fairly easy way to Synchro Summon a Level 8 Synchro Monster.The basic strategy involves using "Emergency Teleport" with Level 3 Psychic-Type Tuner monsters, and "Instant Fusion" to Fusion Summon Level 5 Fusion Monsters, and using both to Synchro Summon a Level 8 Synchro Monster, such as "Stardust Dragon" or "Red Dragon Archfiend". Ancient Fairy Dragon: This is a generic level 7 light dragon with 3000 DEF. Now that’s juts busted. The only trouble with Red Nova is how difficult it is to actually summon. 1. Its effect is great too. From Tetsu Trudge's Pursuit Deck to Team Unicorn's Beast Deck, here are our picks for the greatest decks to appear on Yu-Gi-Oh! Still, that’s not a long list. Synchro for Junk Warrior. The effect is good, of course. The effect of drawing one card alone makes it worthy of play in almost any situation (i.e. Generic level 7 dragon. Get a Synchro out ASAP. mainly due to it's Level (as I said it is the only Generic Synchro in Yu-Gi-Oh!) Share Share Tweet Email. However, many people believe that several engines in this deck will be hit by the September 2011 Banlist. 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Dark Diviner Deck R/F". The Semi-Limitation of Debris Dragon made it a bit tougher to play aggressively, while the Limitation of Dandylion makes lucking into a loaded Graveyard with Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter really difficult. This is an Update to the Synchron Deck, the last one was on 2012, a very long time ago.This build is focused on the ability to Special Summon Shooting Quasar Dragon ( for me one of the most powerful cards on the Dueling World ). We will be continually updating this page as we launch new reviews. His signature monster is “Blackwing Armor Master,” a Level 7 Synchro that can’t be destroyed in battle. This is probably the most important engine to synchro spamming. The best target to go into during your opponent’s main phase is either a Black Rose, or a Stardust. Negating one destruction per turn is enough to save you from the normal destruction stuff, Torrential Dark Hole Mirror Force and such. Equip an Armory Arm to Black Rose, and use that effect on a high-power monster like BLS, and you can deal enough damage to win the game in one attack. KoG Potential! My record was 3 attacks, though I have seen 4. The game of Yu-Gi-Oh has had many different metas, decks, and cards that have shaped the game's history.The game is over twenty years old and shows no signs of stopping. Who cares? Yeah, the fact you get to draw when you opponent synch is also pretty sweet. Stardust Dragon Chaos Sorcerer (BLS is more than banishing so let’s not talk about that), Caius, DD Crow, all can turn the tides of the game. An excellent place to start for beginners. DARK SYNCHRO. It also has 2500 ATK, and you take no Battle Damage when a stronger monster attacks it. It features cards such as Synchro… North American English; Release Number Set Rarity; 2010-09-25 : DT03-EN003: Duel Terminal 3: Duel … No advertising, self-promotion, etc. Only used in … Duel Links ] But for those courageous competitors brave enough to plunge into new territory, countless rewards await! The March 1st Forbidden and Limited List dealt some solid blows to Plant Synchro Duelists. This gives you time to wait and see what synchro monster would be best for you to summon, making it a great asset. May 23rd, 2011. And the fact you can equip it to your opponent’s monster makes it even more insane. I think that alone is enough to make it worth while: it is easy to make with a Debris (and pretty much one of the very few things Debris can make given its restrictions); it is chaos fodder; it will protect you for a while since nowadays people don’t run much monster destruction. That combo with Colossal Fighter can be hilarious. Dark Hole? Crow.. I tried a build with the Spider Web field spell and the relinquished spyder and spyder spider stuff, but it was kind of dumb lol. Ally of Justice Catastor C $71.17. By Sage Ashford Sep 01, 2019. Also I'm … 0. Cards in hand are valuable, so try not to be too trigger happy about bouncing back row; it requires more thought. This card enables some crazy plays. Give credit and source content. Destiny HERO - Malicious x2 Dark Grepher x3 Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite x1 Armageddon Knight x1 Vision HERO Vyon x3 Neo Space Connector x3 Summoner Monk x3 Rescue Ferret x1 Blue Mountain Butterspy x3 Blackwing - Steam the Cloak x1 Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin x1 The … This card is how you synch, synch, synch, seemingly with no end in sight. Effect Veiler was the herald of the current generation of Yu-Gi-Oh. He is great against Shooting Star, Red Nova, Catastor, lock down monsters like Naturia Bamboo Shoot or Barkion. The Top 10 Best Decks From Yu-Gi-Oh! However, many people believe that several engines in this deck will be hit by the September 2011 Banlist. Rental Deck Duel is a way of Dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh! Create a free website or blog at Use sites like SauceNAO or Tineye for image sources. Now imagine if you combine Caius, DD Crow, and a hand control into one card, that’s how powerful Trishula is. While this did not make the top ten list, it’s still a card that everyone should main. YuGiOh Warrior's Triumph Structure Deck - English [Toy] Are you looking for on sale YuGiOh Warrior's Triumph Structure Deck - English [Toy], is selling YuGiOh Warrior's Triumph Structure Deck - English [Toy] cheapest and best offers. 2. Generic level 8 dragon that packs anti-destruction, enough said. decks. It didn't get any cards, however, book and warning were both hit, which is huge for the deck. But for the decks that can synchro summon Formula Synchro, he is amazing, drawing you a card, and giving you the option to synchro summon on your opponent's turn. Community. Member; Members; 3 81 posts; Report; Share; Posted May 2, 2011. franchise through a unique way to Duel and through the various characters players meet. T.G. A list of Synchro Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s a card that requires more thought to play. When Immortal Bushi is in the graveyard, he gives a LV3 synchro material. Really Fun deck. [ Yu-Gi-Oh! This means even if you don’t have the room to maindeck an Ancient Fairy, it is a great side deck tech. ( Log Out /  It is similar with dueling using Structure Decks, except many Rental Decks are archetype-based rather than a centered theme in Structure Decks. Ryko? 4. Generic level 5 at 2400 ATK and dark to boot by itself is already pretty decent. Making a generic Synchro "Warrior" deck I will admit I've been out of the game since 2010/2011. While technically Brionac’s effect is as many times as you like every turn, but given its low ATK, he will probably be there for just that one turn unless your opponent is down to his/her last resources and is topdecking. 10. “Gusto” is an archetype of WIND monsters that was originally introduced in Visions of Ice back in May 2018 and that is yet to see any competitive play. But since I'm not spoiling anything I'll just say: It has amazing writing, a VERY interesting lead character, the best female lead we've had since 5Ds, a cool rival, and the fact that EVERY Extra Deck mechanic (Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, & Pendulum) Play an important part in the story helps as well. In this situation you lose that one in your hand, while your opponent literally loses nothing. Earth Warrior might not be the ideal type and attribute, but there is nothing wrong with that either. It is fun to use, interesting with the neglects and the spider eggs. But in my opinion the most busted effect is the ability to synchro with it in your opponent turn. > Yu-Gi-Oh TCG ... Nah, Six Sams are still going to be the best deck. One of the main things this archetype was previously lacking was a good Extra Deck to complement the various Special Summoning effects and this exactly what the new Mini BOX Tornado of Phantoms is seemingly trying to provide. Toggle Deck List; Monster: Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode x1. Armory Arm: This is the only generic level 4 synchro, and also a light (chaos fodder), and that alone makes it worth playing. Another thing to do is to set your Call of the Haunted, and just go into whatever you can make and best suits the situation on your opponent’s next turn. Premium Packs Limited Edition Packs Starter Deck Special DM Structure Deck 2 DM Structure Deck 1 Tin Collection Duelist Set Special Duel Disk Master Collection WCS Replicas World Rares Yugioh Figurine: Collectors Pack. Generic level 9 is easy enough to make for a synchro deck, and its effect of bouncing up to three of your opponent’s cards can be very powerful and versatile. Quickdraw Synchron … Hello everybody, I am playing YuGiOh tournament 2011 over the nexus on my nintendo ds and need a little bit of help with deck building. As such, many different decks have risen above the rest to leave their marks on Yu-Gi-Oh history.. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Best Instant Win Cards, Ranked There have been many playstyles and archetypes through the years, … By whoisthedoctor, May 2, 2011 in Yu-Gi-Oh! If you want a deck that has solid, power-packed cards right from the get-go, then this is the right deck for you. 1000 ATK boost is not trivial, and the burn effect is crazy too. Deck List; Monsters: Mystical Shine Ball x3 Archlord Kristya x2 Master Hyperion x3 Honest x1 The Agent of Creation – Venus x3 Sangan x1 The Agent of Mystery – Earth x3 Herald of Orange Light x3: Spells: Giant Trunade x1 Dark Hole x1 Cards from the Sky x3 Monster Reborn x1 Pot of Duality x3 Generic level 2 means it’s very easy to make. End note: I am still short of a Catastor, a Brio, a Scrap, and  a Mist Wurm. - Complete Mayakashi Synchro Deck. Each of the 6 currently-released T.G. But it also has a ridiculous effect of evreytimes a monster is synchro summoned, you draw a card. Ranking is based on three criteria: how much advantage the card gives you, how difficult it is for your opponent to overcome it, and how easy it is to summon. ( Log Out /  The game lets players play as characters from the original series, including Yami Yugi, as well as the spin-offs, such as Yusei from Yu-Gi-Oh! It also left the Deck vulnerable to D.D. Just wanted some help in making it better. CRYSTRONS: The BEST SYNCHRO DECK! June 18th, 2011. The Nordic Deck is similar to Plant Synchro: both Decks win by making fast, efficient Synchro Summons, and both string together combos to make overwhelming plays. Hey guys whats up its TeamshOn here with N's coudian Deck Profile March 2011 format. You can also use that negation ability to protect your other monsters too. But before I can discuss any impact either of those would have on the deck, I first have to introduce what the deck DOES have at its disposal, and that is unparalleled Level 5 Synchro capability. [R/F] Spell counter/synchro deck for a DS game Hello, currently I am playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Then, use Road eff to summon Unknown Synchron from the deck. Synchro Fusion Tuners: Collectors Items. When it hits the field, it is generally at 5000 ATK, and its ATK can easily go up even more. Also Plant/Tengu Synchro was one of the best decks of 2011. EFFECT VEILER. This is currently the best of the best when it comes to competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! The Realm of Light Structure Deck is one of the best pre-made decks around. Mayakashi Synchro: deck recipe: Tin Archduke Mat Farm: Shark Drake Mat Farm: KOG Worthy & Other Decklists: Volcanic: deck recipe: Mini Event: Mission Circuit: Volcanic Doomfire Mat Farm: Axel Brodie: King of Game decks [December 2020] 12/5: Invoker: deck recipe [Post-Banlist] Up for the Fight (Skill) PvP Best decks [Post-Banlist Prediction] Recommended deck list - One of the best cards to build a deck around. alive. We spend 96 hours on researching and comparing 25 of popular models to determine the Best Best Synchro Monsters 2020 you can buy. Level 8 generic, that means it is very easy to make. The Alien or Venom archetypes might be more up your street but if you want to the most effective Reptile type deck possible, Worms are the only choice. 5Ds.The game's vast card catalog has been steadily growing since its release back in … Home > 2011/06 - Providence, RI > Deck Profile: Sorosh Saberian’s Fabled Tengu Deck Deck Profile: Sorosh Saberian’s Fabled Tengu Deck . Top Decks of March 2011 Format Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Discussions, News & Gossip : Forums > Yu-Gi-Oh! The best synchro monster should be easy to summon no matter what specific synchro deck you are playing, give you massive advantage, and strong enough to protect itself or push for victory.Before we start the top ten countdown, first some honourable mentions. More recent plant decks have been using Debris Dragon and Junk Synchron for synchro summons. | Free shipping on many items! Well, here's my junk deck. He is a lot easier to play, you don’t lose anything to bounce, and that 200 extra ATK than Brionac doesn’t hurt either. There’s honestly no set way to build Blackwings, 11 Synchro monsters exist, giving you a ton of leeway when it comes to making your own variant! Comment: One of the best card in the Yugioh dueling world (not just Synchro Monsters), Trishula is an absolute force when her effect activates. T.G. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! However, if your opponent has a few face downs, you have to be more careful about using Brionac. Synchro with Explorer, Quickdraw, and Eater for Road Warrior. 9. Cyber Dinosaur x 1. The limited cards are limited for a good reason, seeing as the limited all made the top of this list. If you go into an Ancient Fairy, chances are you are playing defensive; so why not drop another level 4 which can help you make an easy Utopia and stall one more turn. They keep my lower attack synchros (Brionac, Stardust, Ancient Fairy Dragon, etc.) This forum thread has been unedited for 477 days and is considered archived. monsters has a friend, a friend who enables that monster to reach its best Synchro capability. Deck Help → Possibly the best synchro deck ever made: Please sign your comments with ~~~~. Aside from that, its effects are not to be laughed at either, even if they seem underutilized. February 9, 2019 coolqueval 18,020 0 Comments Synchro. Tell me what you think in the comments, and remember to subscribe! This brings me to another card that I listed alongside Brionac: Mist Wurm. Start new topic; Recommended Posts . Got 4-9 slots open in your deck? That is how you get rid of annoying monsters and deal massive damage all at once; just book or enemy controller it, and then use Black Rose’s second effect. What is the best deck you can use for turbo battling. Toggle Deck List; Monster: Silent Magician LV8 x1. Recently I've been picking up Synchro structure decks and packs from the 5D's era, it's generic as hell but it's the archetype I like the most. Scrap Dragon 5-7 in your Extra Deck? You use Brionac to clear the last barrier to your victory or one problematic card on the field. King of skull Servants + doomking+synchro, link, xyz zombie monsters, Deck is Purely D/D/D Check Gameplay on My channel:, Time To Arrest Anyone Caught Breaking The Law Of New Domino City. I suppose it's a main synchro deck involving Synchron monsters and swarming tactics, but mainly throwing cards to the graveyard to special summon them. I normally only go for it (and possibly succeed) once I have a Shooting Star on the field, and even then that was only for the fun deck and for the visual effect of having both Red Nova and Shooting Star on the field. It can negate attack by removing itself, so your opponent can’t even hope to run over it. > Yu-Gi-Oh TCG ... Nah, Six Sams are still going to be the best deck. “This deck has a lot of ways to win,” explained Larabee, “But my best combo is Infernity Mirage in hand, with Infernity Archfiend; Infernity Necromancer; and Infernity Avenger in the Graveyard.” With that field, Larabee is able to make plays like this one:-Summon Infernity Mirage and use its effect to Special Summon Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Necromancer. Many are finding that whatever Plant Synchro can do, Nordics just do better. Delta Flyer is a great tuner because it not only has pretty high attack points for a level three tuner with 1500. 6. See Help:Signature and Help:Talk pages for further information. 5D's. 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus. Here are the 32 Decks that made the playoffs of this event. It’s really difficult to run over given its high ATK and also the ability to negate attack. Comment. Also Gouki, Altergeist, and Spyral should be up there for 2018. would become in the near future. This is what many of the stallish cards are for. Counting down the top 10 synchro monsters. Actually, I myself am not a huge fan of Brionac. Hyper Librarian 1 T.G. Plant synchro decks can usually synchro summon with tuners such as Spore and Glow-Up Bulb. 2011-06-01 : DL12-EN010: Duelist League 3 participation cards: Rare: 2014-10-23 : LC5D-EN002 : Legendary Collection 5D's Mega Pack: Secret Rare: 2015-08-27 : SDSE-EN004: Synchron Extreme Structure Deck: Common: 2017-03-30 : DUSA-EN074: Duelist Saga: Ultra Rare English—North America. 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Rate/Discuss my Synchro deck". The basic idea of those two monsters is the same. Plant Synchro [march 2011] Yu-Gi-Oh TCG "Advanced" Deck Discussions If your opponent starts spamming the field with powerful monsters, just go into a Black Rose and say ka-boom before they can damage you. First of all, this card is actually really easy to make. Here is how you easily take down BLS, Hyperion, Colossal Fighter, XX-Saber Gottoms, Naturia Barkion, Leviathan, and a number of annoying things. The best synchro monster should be easy to summon no matter what specific synchro deck you are playing, give you massive advantage, and strong enough to protect itself or push for victory.Before we start the top ten countdown, first some honourable mentions. Welcome to Edison Format. Product Description. TCG Player-Built Collectible Card Game Decks from the largest online selection at There are 15 Rental Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Formula Synchron Armed Dragon Deck (by XXSadcasm) Injection Fairy Lily Deck; Dinosaur Deck (by Fandom User Dark Diviner Deck-Out ; Synchro Cat OTK Deck (by Fandom User Dark Simorgh Deck (by Fandom User Let's Rev It Up! TCG/OCG Decks. Synchro tuner means it’s necessary to bring out some busted monsters like Shooting Star, Shooting Quasar, or TG Halberd Canon. That should be written into the rule book somewhere. Karakuri Anatomy helps draw through your deck and is facilitated by Karakuri Cash Cache and the boss monster, Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei”.The main support monsters are Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 “Ninishi”, a Tuner which allows a second summon; Karakuri Merchant … If you’ve been following today’s Feature Match action, you saw the drama and the triumph of Sorosh Saberian’s Tengu Fabled Deck that played out in Round 3. Top Decks of March 2011 Format Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Discussions, News & Gossip : Forums > Yu-Gi-Oh! - Complete Traptrix & Trap Hole Deck. Each Worm monster has some nice little effects, mostly situational though. Hey readers, this is the part 2 of the top 10 tuner monsters in Yugioh. Cons: - Effect only activates once after it is Synchro Summoned (not once per turn). 8. April 1st, 2011. Attribute of Earth brings the overall power of the card down a bit, since it is now easy picking for Catastor. Extra Deck: 15 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Mist Wurm 1 Colossal Fighter 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Naturia Barkion 1 Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth 1 T.G. Literally any tuner can summon Trishula so long as it has 2 or … Torrential Tribute? For Yu-Gi-Oh! Don't spread misinformation. Black Rose Dragon Synch with Eater and Unknown for Formula. Clarify when you're posting OC instead of someone else's work. Duel Links ] by Playmaker Duel Links. Zombie Deck!! While Shooting Star is not played much, it still is a great card and it should see more play. This means you can invest in a Blackwing deck now, knowing it’s future-proofed and could become meta at some point.